I’ve always been fascinated with India.  All the bright colors and exotic destinations.  Piles of spices and bangles that line the streets in photos (and life).  In 2007 I had my first opportunity to travel to India.  No amount of reading, watching Bollywood films, and eating with my hands could prepare me for the life-changing experience I was going to have.

I spent 3 months in Maharashtra during my first trip, and this was not enough. As soon as I stepped on the plane to return to America I knew that I would be back.  I was, 2 months later.  On my second trip I met Riny and Joseph and their absolutely adorable 4 month old Noel.  They were house parents at the orphanage I was working with and would later become my dearest friends and partners in Jubilee.  They have a passion for reaching hurting children unlike anything I’d ever seen and a heart for doing the right thing, no matter how hard.  After the kids were in bed at night we would play Rummy with my dilapidated deck of cards and dream up what it would be like to have our own Home.  Just people, loving kids.  No politics.

I left India and soon after moved to China, not what I had in mind, but God does wacky things when we let Him.  It was an amazing year of learning more about God and about myself.  The work in China also made my dreams even greater to return to India.  So with a year in China under my belt and $3000 in savings I called Riny and Joseph and told them my plan, praying that they would be up for it.  The plan? Open up a house, take care of kids, love them.  They jumped on board immediately and so began Jubilee.  A place or redemption, rejoicing, freedom.

We have now just finished our first year as a family, not without a few bumps and bruises along the way.  But God has blessed us more than we could even imagine.  We are now officially recognized by the Indian government as a charitable organization, which is a huge feat, and hope to gain further recognition as time passes.  We also hope to expand the work of Jubilee to encompass a women’s ministry.  When the doors of Jubilee opened women were coming to us, begging for help.  Our first priority is the children, but we don’t want the Children’s Home to be a permanent solution.  We want to provide these mothers with a skill or trade so they can provide for their families without our intervention.  God has shown us the possibilities and we are confident that He will provide us the means to make those possibilities a reality.  Join us on this journey, or at least lend us a few prayers along the way!   

With Peace,