Thursday, December 16, 2010

Safe and sound!

I am happy to say that I made it to India safe and sound. It's hard to believe that I've already been here for a week! I guess the time flies when you're busy :).
Getting back in the routine here is easy since I feel like I never left. The one difference is that we now have a house full! And I can honestly say (without partiality), that these kids are the sweetest, most joyful that I've ever met. Each one has his or her own quirks and together they create a beautiful picture of what a family looks like, in it's truest sense.
Much of this first week has been spent getting to know the kids and giving them the chance to get to know me. Language is always a hinderance, but with kids, actions often speak louder than words. Since the kids are in school a lot of the waking day we spend our evenings playing games, singing songs, studying (I help with English), and a number of other things. Riny and Joseph have a great routine set with the kids. I jump in when possible. Unfortunately the power has been out for several hours so Sini and Siji's (the 2 year old twins) routine is a little out of sorts and they have been a bundle of tears. Though they are occupied at the moment with tickles from Anitha which is keeping them happy. I love the noises here, cries and all. 

Yesterday was a special treat. Our village has been playing host to a week long, district wide, cultural program and competition. To give the kids in the area a chance to see the different programs, all the school children were given a day vacation. We also took our kids to the event. It was pure chaos! I think everyone from 100 miles around came to see the program yesterday. But I must say a little chaos is worth it to see the beautiful dancing and singing. And for anyone who has seen Bride and Prejudice I am pleased to say I was able to witness the Snake Dance first hand!
Today was a busy day with no power, no water, and no gas for cooking, but as always God provides the abilities and strength to get our work done. I will sleep well tonight! That's it for today. I'll leave you with some pictures of the kids this week and will be back next week for updates on the kids and the day to day happenings.


annie said...

so glad you're there safe and sound! i love seeing all the children and reading about life in the house. you're all in our prayers!

Kyle said...

Great post. Love the pics!

Jessica said...

Hey Carie,

Can you post the address somewhere for sending a package to Jubilee? Thanks!

Love Jess W

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