Saturday, March 12, 2011

Urgent Prayers!

I just got an email from Riny (my Jubilee partner and our house mother) in India and am asking for everyone's prayers please:

She writes,

"Government officials are going through all the orphanages in Kerala, Now checking started in Malappuram, today we got this information from Priyanka Jose and in the news channels also the news was reported, the government found that so many orphanages are running with the support of foreigners and the authorities are not taking proper care of the children and money which they are receiving is miss used, the Government want to find these kind of orphanages and the orphanage which is running in rented houses, they are strictly going to stop the children's home which don't have own property they will give only few months within this months if we could arrange building which is our own then we will get the Government registration, otherwise they will ask us to stop the orphanage, please pray for this matter."

Riny and Joseph are excellent with keeping a record of all the money they receive and use, and they by no means are using the support for anything but the children. Unfortunately many orphanages in India are not like Jubilee, so we are also at risk.  She writes about a Government registration, which we have already, but only in part.  To be fully capable of running an orphanage we must own our own land and house, and at this time we are in a rented home.  She also writes about Prinyanka Jose; he is a government social worker that we work alongside.  He is a wonderful man and loves what we are doing at Jubilee.  Thankfully he is on our side and willing to do anything he can to help us.  Not all orphanages run with foreign support will be closed.  First the officials will inspect the home, interview neighbors, children, village officials, etc.  Jubilee, along with Riny and Joseph are thought of very highly in the surrounding area and we are known to be the best orphanage with honest, loving, God fearing care-takers.  We are confident that this is in God's hands, but I am asking for your prayers that Jubilee will not be effected by this new law.

Thanks so much, Carie


annie said...

definitely sending up prayers! we're so grateful for the work you and riny and joseph do.

jenna said...

I will be praying as well!

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